Year group 2018/2019

Year Group Intuïtive Development, Mediumship & Transformation. English/Dutch Speaking

Date 2018: 30th of September, 7th of  October,

4th November and 9th of December.


Date 2019: 13th January, 10th of  February,  10th of March, 21st of April, 19th of  May,

9th of June and  7th of Juli.

Bonus day: 8th of  September 2019

Who is this meant for? For those that would like to change/improve their lives. Who desires a personal coach who encourages you, who teaches you to believe in yourself and in your dreams so that you can manifest them.  

For those who would like to develop more spiritually and connect and work with the Spirit World and would also like to develop their intuition further.  In other words for those who feel called to live a more spiritual life and follow their heart. This would be the right year group for you.

Extra's; 2  Coaching Skype sessions, 

Meditation download,  books, cards, information filled maps and some nice  surprises in between!

This group consists of maximum 12 students

In the year group you will learn to develop more intuitively through different excersizes and by doing the Soulwork during classes.  You will learn to work with the Spirit World , the loved ones in the Spirit World and your guides. 

​Je will be taught about synchronities, symbols and manifesting and how to learn to believe in yourself, your self worth and the Universe. 

You will learn about  chakra's, colours and food. Meditation, visualisation and demonstrations, inspired speaking and writing. The different forms of  healing will be discussed and experienced. Aswell as  angels, signs and experiences  and lots and lots more. 

Je will not only develop your intuition and Medimschip you will undergo a true transformation by becoming the true you.

I will coach for the year and every month there will be a subject with excersizes. At the end of the day you will receive your Soulwork for the month so that you stay connected for the month and see miracles unfold and become more confident.

Soulwork; is life changing homework that ensures enjoyment, fun and positive changes with many experiences being discussed at the start of the classes! 

For more information and signing up for this course you can email  Mercedes @

or call 06 51144834 bellen. It is also possible for a skype/Face time appointment if you have any questions or would like to connect.

Price: 880,- Euro

Deposit 195,- to guarantee your spot. It is possible  to pay in instalments. 

What you gain is a personal Coach for the year who encourages you, like minded fellow student, friends for life  who also personally encourage you as a group so you will receive lots of support and help with all the new tools that are being offered to you.

This group will take place in Aalsmeer at Raja, Zijdstraat 72 A (outside of Amsterdam) and easily reachable by bus and car. If you come by train or tram, a car will be arranged for you. Free parking one minute from the Center. 

Please bring your own lunch and drink. Snack, coffee and tea will be taken care of!