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New year and a new decade coaching package for 999,- Euro! (normally 1344,-)

  • 1 to 1 Intuïtive coaching x 12 sessions

  • 12 coaching meetings (12 x 1 hour meetings)

  • Starting this month (December) to plan for 2020!

  • Manifesting list

A year of personal coaching by Mercedes!


What can you expect? 

  • Learn to increase your vibration so it is easier to tap into manifesting your wishes!

  • Learn to take action from a place of flow

  • Connect to the Universe

  • You will have a coach that encourages you

  • Helps you get rid of blocks that are holding you back

  • Clear up your past so you can start 2020 afresh

  • You learn to connect with your team and easily recognise signs.

  • There is so much to learn that will help you create a happier healthier and fun life.

Mercedes uses her intuitive skills to help you remove what you no longer want and create the best life for you!!!

She will write up a plan after every coaching session so that you can start working on your goals for that month!

Just imagine where you could be this time next year!

For more information visit www.mercedessharrocks.com for recommendations, or sign up by emailing Mercedes