_NJ_8780silver 30x20cm
_NJ_8780silver 30x20cm

_NJ_8780silver 30x20cm
_NJ_8780silver 30x20cm

Food for the body is not enough. There must be food for the soul. - Dorothy Day
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I'm really excited to introduce you to my Mediumship & Intuitive Coaching website, where I help you learn to believe in yourself, work with the the Spirit World , the Universal laws, and change the way you think. 

Whether you are looking for a coach to help you transform your life or would like a medium reading where I connect with your loved ones who have passed. I'm happy to turn your wish into reality. 

After helping many clients and students create an amazing and happy life for themselves, my hope is that I will be able to do the same for you.

With Love & gratitude 


What can Mercedes do for you?

Connect to your loved ones in the Spirit World

Read your Aura

Clarity -help you get clear on what you wish to change

Guidance-Coach you through the changes

Training - Gain the tools and trust in yourself and in the universe to change your life for the better

Celebration - help you Enjoy the successes and gifts that you are manifesting

Mercedes has helped me receive insights about my goals and self worth in this life. She has enriched my life through her courses and one-to- one coaching. I cannot recommend her enough. 
Every session I spent with Mercedes was a gift. Every tool she taught me has enlightened my life and I love the way she teaches about spirituality in a playful and fun manner. She sees the positive in everything.
I cannot thank Mercedes enough for everything she did for me personally and for my business.
I truly hope she continues to help and inspire many people. 
Karin from the Netherlands


A kind, approachable and no-nonsence Coach, Medium and Spiritual Leader

An Intuitive Coach, Medium, Author and Inspiration whose story has been featured in different International Magazines.  Mercedes lives to inspire others to lead the most amazing and exciting lives they dream of so they in turn inspire and teach others to do so too!

The Author of My Angels Guide me and Messages from Children in the Spirit World, Mercedes has vowed to make all her dreams come true and help others do that too by believing in themselves, work in the flow of the Universe and change their beliefs to positive ones so that they serve them.

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How can Mercedes help you?